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Photo: AP

When the ATP Masters tournament begins on Sunday, Toni Nadal will be acutely aware that it will be his last trip with his nephew, Rafael, as the tennis icon's uncle and mentor is retiring with a feeling of fortune at having enjoyed a life in the sport alongside one of the true greats.
Rather poetically, the Masters is the only ... Read more »

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Days before participating in the Nitto ATP Finals 2017, the “Masters Cup” which will be celebrated next week in London, and right upon his arrival, Rafael Nadal hosted yesterday evening an event together with Dekton®, Cosentino’s ultra-compact surfaces brand, for which he acts as worldwide ambassador. ... Read more »

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In his interview for EFE, Rafael Nadal confirmed his participation at the Nitto ATP Finals in London.

Nadal: "I come to London to try to win the Masters"

Q. How is the knee?

Rafa: "The knee is well & hope it'll be OK. We've been working hard to recover it & now it's the time to test it. We'll practice at O2 to see how it goes in the next few days." ... Read more »

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Rafael Nadal, who has won six titles in an exceptional year — including his 10th Roland Garros and third US Open crown — leads Group Pete Sampras alongside Dominic Thiem (5-2 FedEx ATP Head2Head record), Grigor Dimitrov (10-1) and ... Read more »

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Rafael Nadal has traveled to London with the intention of contesting the last tournament of the year. The final decision about his participation in the Nitto ATP Finals will be taken after his training session at the O2 Arena.

"Rafa says that after retiring from Bercy, he's made the treatment for the knee and has hardly trained. ... Read more »

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On Friday, Rafael Nadal visited Dr. Cotorro in Barcelona.

Doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro will now put Rafa on a rehabilitation programme which gives him the best chance of making London

Dr. Cotorro: "It's neither a new injury nor an aggravated injury. It's a situation similar to what we saw when he came back from Asia.
All the MRI images tell us essentially the same: the tendon's suffering [stress overload]. It's been a tough year, with a lot of matches. ... Read more »

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THE MODERATOR: Unfortunately, Rafa has to pull out of the tournament. He will explain why and then we will open up for questions.

RAFAEL NADAL: Hello. Good morning.

Yes, I have to pull out. Of course, is a very hard decision for me, especially -- well, pulling out from any event is tough but especially from here, from Paris. As I said, a lot of times it's the most important city in my career, without a doubt. ... Read more »

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2017 Paris Masters R3 Rafael Nadal bt. Pablo Cuevas  6/3 6/7(5) 6

Next opponent - Filip Krajinovic

Q. That was another quite a long match for a Masters event. Is it frustrating that you're not putting away the opponents quicker?
RAFAEL NADAL: No. Frustrating is lose, not winning tough, no? You don't expect to win easy in big tournaments like these ones. No, no. That's the real thing. ... Read more »

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There will be no end-of-season arm-wrestle for the world No 1 ranking at London’s O2 Arena, sadly for the Nitto ATP Finals. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have travelled in parallel for much of the year, but Nadal has claimed a victory in Paris that gives him 1,550-point lead over his great rival. ... Read more »

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2017 Paris Masters R2 Rafael Nadal bt. Hyeon Chung  7/5 6/3 

Next opponent - Pablo Cuevas 

Q. One question. During this summer, you have preparation with Dimitrov in Manacor, in your home place, on the hard court, after that you make really good season. I ... Read more »

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