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Q. How do you feel without to win a tournament in this season? It didn't happen from a long time ago, this time of the season.
RAFAEL NADAL: I feel good. Is true that I didn't win a title, but is true that my feeling is, for example, maybe in 2015 I won Buenos Aires, I think, but the feeling is much better. ... Read more »

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2019 Madrid Open SF Rafael Nadal vs. Stefanos Tsitsipas  4-6  6-2  3-6 

Q. Can you do an assessment of the match?
RAFAEL NADAL: From my point of view I've done things properly, mentally talking and done things that were not so good. My feelings were different compared to 5pm. I trained at 5pm and it was very hot. And afterwards on court the conditions were totally different. ... Read more »

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2019 Madrid Open QF Rafael Nadal bt. Stan Wawrinka  6-1 6-2

Next opponent - Stefanos Tsitsipas

Q. Wawrinka seemed tough, but you have been incredible. Talking about the start, we have seen that your second serve is powerful today, perhaps 80 percent of your points with your first serve were won.
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, true, thank you. Wawrinka has won three matches pretty well. He's been playing really well on clay in the last few weeks and he also beat Nishikori which is also a very tough player. So he was playing really good. I was expecting a tough match today. ... Read more »

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2019 Madrid Open R3 Rafael Nadal bt. Frances Tiafoe  6-3 6-4

Next opponent - Stan Wawrinka

Q. Is it better to play at night or during the day? Can you summarize a little bit about the match?
RAFAEL NADAL: It is better to play well and then win. If you ask me in Rome for example, which is one of the tournaments where we have night sessions in the clay season, together with this one, I prefer to play during the day.

The conditions are very heavy here, with the altitude. ... Read more »

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2019 Madrid Open Rafael Nadal bt. Felix Auger-Aliassime  6-3 6-3

Next opponent - Frances Tiafoe

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the feelings that you have on the court, physically, and talking about your tennis, too?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I think that everything is secondary. The important thing is to win, you know, especially given what's happened in the last three days. ... Read more »

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Q. We want to know how do you feel? I think that you have a process as some kind of flu. I want to know how you are in order to face tomorrow's match?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, more than a complicated week. It's been a positive week. I have been training well. It is one of the weeks I have felt really well playing on clay. It's true that we are Monday. No, we are Tuesday, sorry, Tuesday. Sunday I woke up not very well with a virus on my stomach. ... Read more »

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