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Главная » 2022 » May » 6 » PHOTOS: 2022 Madrid Open QF Rafael Nadal vs. Carlos Alcaraz
PHOTOS: 2022 Madrid Open QF Rafael Nadal vs. Carlos Alcaraz

2022 Madrid Open QF Rafael Nadal vs. Carlos Alcaraz  2-6 6-1 3-6 

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Rafael Nadal: “The reading of the tournament is I have played three matches and that I came here with hardly any preparation, with no preparation. This is the reality. I said that before coming here it was going to be a tough week, even though I have lost to one of the fittest players of the world with no doubts, I even had my opportunities." 

“I have played two-and-a-half hours [today] and three matches. This is a positive outcome. From here onwards, just looking forward with optimism and [I’m] happy and excited. We will see what happens. You have to believe.”

"He was better than me in several aspects of the match and several aspects of the game, and I need to improve. I just accept it naturally with calm and with security that there is a path to continue."

“It's an easy loss to digest in that regard, because we knew what we could expect here, and now because of that, I don't take away any merit from Carlos. Congratulations to him. He's playing great, and I hope the best for him for the rest of the tournament.”

“You just recover that with days and with matches, like yesterday, like the first day, like today. This is the reality. From there onwards, you just have to continue that path with constant determination, with the correct determination. You know that when you come from a period like the one I came from, you have to accept the things and just go with this determination because in the medium term, we have a goal that is higher than any sadness that I may have for losing."

"I tell you, honestly, my only dream is be in Paris healthy enough and physically good enough to compete at the highest level possible. If that happens, I know it's a tournament that I have been playing well a lot of times in my career. I know very well the place, and why can I not be competitive again and give me one more chance. That could be a dream for me."

Photos: MMO; AP; REUTERS; Getty Images; Europa Press






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