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Главная » 2018 » July » 11 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2018 Wimbledon QF Rafael Nadal vs. Juan Martin del Potro
PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2018 Wimbledon QF Rafael Nadal vs. Juan Martin del Potro

2018 Wimbledon QF Rafael Nadal bt. Juan Martin del Potro  7/5 6/7(7) 4/6 6/4 6/4

Next opponent - Novak Djokovic 

Q. Are you happy the way the match ended? Were you worried when you lost the second set after that double-fault? Do you think this was a great match, as I think? 
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, of course I was worried when I lost the second set, no? Winning 6-3 in the tiebreak, it's true that he played two great points with his serve, but then I make, yeah, very important mistake. That double-fault was a big mistake. That's how it is.

Then the match changed. He play well. I believe I increased little bit the level in the fourth and the fifth. But the fifth, he was playing huge, no? It was so difficult to stop him.

I am very happy the way that I survived a lot of important points in that fifth set. I think I did a lot of things well. I went to the net. In general terms, have been a positive match. Only negative thing is I played almost five hours, and I had the chance maybe to play less winning that second set.

For the rest of the things, great news, semifinals of Wimbledon again. Great match, emotional match for both of us and for the fans, too. Great feelings.

Q. Is there any shot in tennis like his forehand or is it unique? 
RAFAEL NADAL: The shots of everyone are unique, you know. He has a great forehand. When he starts to play with that high adrenaline, I don't know how you say, is very difficult to stop his forehand.

Of course, there is couple of players that hit the forehand very, very strong, too. But his one is one of the most spectacular.

Q. How would you describe your history with Novak? 
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, we played. There is no one other match in the history of tennis that played more than our match. That's a big thing. We always played in important stages, important places.

Friday is another important match against opponent that is one of the most difficult ones that you can face. He's playing well. Only way to try to win it is play very well.

Q. How about styles? How would you compare your style with his? 
RAFAEL NADAL: No, is not the same. That is not black and white. Is not the same, but we are not very far.

Q. You hit a lot of dropshots to bring him forward. Was that a plan you had discussed before the match or in reaction to the way he's playing? 
RAFAEL NADAL: No, is another solution, that's all. Sometimes is a good way to change the rhythm of the point against a player that hits so strong. Sometimes for him is little bit tougher to move forward.

I did very well in Roland Garros. I remember in Roland Garros I won lot of points with that dropshot. Here, too, couple of ones. Here on grass, if you make a good dropshot, is so difficult. Is very difficult to stop your legs when you arrive there. The second bounce goes down very, very quick.

Q. The match today had exactly the same duration that your famous final against Federer. Can you compare the two matches in terms of level of game or intensity? 
RAFAEL NADAL: I don't know. I think is a kind of kind of match. Of course, have been an emotional match. Have been I think a great level of tennis and good show. But is a quarterfinal match, is not a final match. That's makes a difference.

Then I think all the things that happened in that final was much more dramatic than this one.

Q. Andy Murray said that the fifth set was the best set of tennis he's ever watched live. When you're taking part in an intense set like that, are you able to enjoy it and realize how high level it is? 
RAFAEL NADAL: Yes. Is difficult to explain the feelings because, of course, you appreciate it. In some way you enjoy it. At the same time every point counts a lot. Is difficult to distract yourself thinking that you are enjoying that moment, no?

You enjoy because at the end of the day we are playing in one of the best courts in our sport, against a great opponent, with full crowd, fifth set, great level of tennis. Of course, you have to enjoy.

Is not much time to think about if you are enjoying, you are suffering. Is different feelings.

Q. The light was changing a little bit. Were you concerned that the light was changing at the end of the day? 
RAFAEL NADAL: What do you mean? If was not enough light?

Q. It was getting dark. 
RAFAEL NADAL: No, for me was enough light to play. Not yet. For me, still good conditions to play tennis. No problem.

Q. The other day you were asked what about a possible final between you and Federer. You said you would prefer another opponent, it would be stupid of me to choose Federer. Now that Federer is out, is it Djokovic by far the most difficult opponent? What was your reaction when you heard Federer was out to a player he had always beaten? 
RAFAEL NADAL: I was playing tennis. I was not thinking much about what was going on in the other court. I am not that good to have the chance to think about all the things going on outside. I have a tough work having Juan Martin in front.

Q. Now? 
RAFAEL NADAL: Now is a reality that Federer is not here. He lost. That's part of our sport. That's all. I'm sorry for him, of course. But is impossible to win always, even for him. Even if will be probably a tough day for him because he had a lot of chances to win the match, match point, two sets to love. Is a tough day.

But that's how works this sport. Even more here on grass. Just feel sorry for him and congrats to Kevin. Can't say anything else.

Q. I think this will be the 52nd time you play against Djokovic. That's pretty amazing. What has it done for you in terms of getting better? Must be a good way to learn and get encouragement. 
RAFAEL NADAL: Always is a big challenge face Novak. Is one of the more complex players that I ever saw on our sport. Is always a big test. You know that you can't win against him if you don't play very well.

But my goal is to try to play very well. I know in semifinals of Wimbledon you will not have an easy opponent in front. You have to accept that if you want to win important things. Of course, you will face the best players. You need to be ready for it.

I did a lot of things well since I am back from injury. I only lost one match. I know that semifinals is one of these matches that anything could happen. I know if you don't play very well, you will not have the chance to win.

But I hope to be ready to play very well, and let's see what's going on. I know he's playing very well.

Q. How much have you seen of Novak this fortnight? Do you feel he's back to his best now? 
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, he's playing very well. I saw matches of him. He's playing great.

Photos: Getty Images; AP; EPA; REUTERS



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