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Главная » 2019 » April » 26 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2019 Barcelona Open QF Rafael Nadal vs. Jan-Lennard Struff
PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2019 Barcelona Open QF Rafael Nadal vs. Jan-Lennard Struff

2019 Barcelona Open QF Rafael Nadal bt. Jan-Lennard Struff  7-5 7-5

Next opponent - Dominic Thiem

"It was a pressure match because he's a very aggressive player, difficult to be on rhythm with him. I'm happy for the victory, happy to find a way to win that match and I hope to be ready for the semi-finals."
"I'm trying to be focused every single moment because one mistake, and you lose the set against this kind of player. I'm happy the way that I managed it."

Photos: Getty Images; EFE; AP; Grtes; Action Plus; NurPhoto


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• Post-match interview

Alex: "Congrats! [Struff] a very uncomfortable player, with no rhythm...I don't want to be indiscreet, but have you just sent a message saying you want to hit some balls?"

Rafa: "Yes. I just want to be able to hit some shots free for 5 minutes. Yes, it's one of those tense matches because the rival doesn't give you any rhythm. Truth is I've felt very well this morning during the warm up practice, but I knew today was one of those days that it's difficult to find a good feeling. It's not that I've played badly, but the rival puts a lot of pressure on you & you don't know if to attack or keep it safer. I've tried to keep going with both things in mind. It's been important that I've been quite solid with my serve. I've served more or less well. Then, he was a rival who was coming from defeating Tsitsipas, Goffin... that is, a difficult opponent. So, I'm very happy with the win."

Alex: "When he's started the match with S&V with his 2 serves, I guess you're aware that that's not his natural game and what he wants is not to give you any rhythm."

Rafa: "Well, more than it not being his natural game, I'm aware that he's determined to be aggressive & he's not going to rally with me from the baseline. I know this. He's a player who's able to play that way & we thought he'd start playing very aggressive, as he indeed did. At the beginning I was returning from quite far back, but when I've seen that he was approaching the net even with 2nd serves I've moved up closer to the baseline because with his serve, which jumps a lot, and from that far back, it was very easy for him to reach the net and you need to execute an almost perfect shot to have chances. It's the kind of matches that you have to play point by point, fight and be focused. I believe that's how it has been & I'm very happy."

Alex: "We let you go hit for 5 minutes. Thank you very much, Rafa!... You have heard him. It's very important: he's looking for good feelings and, as he hasn't likely found them all with Struff, despite playing a good match, he's decided to go & hit for a few minutes."

Translated by Genny SS


• Interview for ATP

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