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Главная » 2019 » April » 24 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2019 Barcelona Open R2 Rafael Nadal vs. Leonardo Mayer
PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2019 Barcelona Open R2 Rafael Nadal vs. Leonardo Mayer

2019 Barcelona Open R2 Rafael Nadal bt. Leonardo Mayer  6-7(7) 6-4 6-2

Next opponent - David Ferrer

"It wasn't the best start. Not the best feelings out there this afternoon, but I found a way to keep going and to win the match. Today that's the main thing," Nadal said. "[Mayer] competes well against everybody but probably today [the problem] was not that he competed very well against me. I was not competing that well."

on David Ferrer: 

"He's a good friend, one of the best players that we have been watching the last 15 years. It's going to be a special one, and he's playing well," Nadal said.


• Rafa visited the Village of Banco Sabadell


• Press conference

Photos: Barcelona Open; Banco Sabadell; Getty Images; AP; MD


• Hot shots



• Highlights


• Post-match interview

Alex: "Congrats, Rafa. Starting a new tournament is always difficult. In addition, today's conditions were not that easy. I guess what matters is to win or to win".

Rafa: "There are other things that matter, besides winning, and that today haven't been achieved. In the end, when we win, we all tend to deceive ourselves a bit and see things more positive [than they really are].
Though, by winning, the most positive thing is that the next day there's another chance and if you lose, you don't have it. It hasn't been a pleasing match, but the best thing has been that I've found a way to keep on going ahead. My attitude has been more or less the right one, despite the feelings, which were not good, and with attitude I've worked to try to go on."

Alex: "When he's had BP at *4-3 in the 2nd set, have you seen the match in danger?"

Rafa: "All the matches are in danger, specially when you lose the 1st set. At *4-3 in the 2nd set, with BP & a return that was out by little, anything could've happened. But it's also true that in the 2nd set, or even in the 1st, there have been many opportunities. In the 2nd set, to go up double break. In the 1st set, serving for the set, I've had a terrible game. Then I've had SP on his serve & I've hit a horrible FH to the net. When you don't take your chances, it's quite usual that the matches get more difficult."

Alex: "Finally, it's not easy to talk about the next match when you've just finished yours, but will the match against Ferrer be different emotionally?"

Rafa: "Well, obviously, it's always a lovely match against a very good friend and one of the best players this sport has had in the last 10-12 years. It's true that it'll be a bit special because this is will be David's last Godo tournament. But he'll be a very demanding opponent, as he's shown today with his very good match against Pouille, and I'll have to improve."

Translated by Genny SS



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