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Главная » 2019 » April » 25 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2019 Barcelona Open R3 Rafael Nadal vs. David Ferrer
PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2019 Barcelona Open R3 Rafael Nadal vs. David Ferrer

2019 Barcelona Open R3 Rafael Nadal bt. David Ferrer  6-3 6-3

Next opponent - Jan-Lennard Struff

David Ferrer has said goodbye to the Rafa Nadal court emotional after playing his last match as professional in Barcelona precisely in front of his eternal rival, who with today has defeated him for the sixth time at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell. While Nadal applauded joining the 8,000 spectators who have filled the venue, the player from Alicante has left his hair band of the clay of the stage that has represented much in his career.

The public chanted "Ferru, Ferru" knowing that they had attended a part of tournament history. "I'm happy," Ferrer said. I have given everything I could and everything I had. And I can only say that losing to Rafa is a pride, as it has been on other occasions, as it was last year in the US Open.”

Nadal was up to the task: "David is a tennis great and is part of the history of the tournament. I feel said he is leaving, although everyone knows why he makes decisions like this. Ferrer could continue in the circuit without any doubt because his tennis level has become very high again.”

Source: Barcelona Open

Photos: Barcelona Open; AP; Getty Images; EFE


• Post-match interview

Alex: "Very important victory for you, but first the acknowledgement for a person who today was playing his last match in Barcelona & has been able to show such a high level... it says a lot about David Ferrer"

Rafa: "In the end, it's his personal decision, as tennis wise he should not go anywhere. He looks ready to keep on playing, w/o a doubt. Though it's true that perhaps he's gone thru a tough 1 year & a half, w/some injuries & not playing at his current level, which is high again. He hasn't been seeded, with tough draws & yet he's been able to win very good matches. Anyway, it's his decision and after the many years he's been fighting for, giving us all so much joy, he deserves whatever he decides."

Alex: "Today, it looked like conditions were easier and I don't know if the fact that you and David know each other very well helped or not, but from outside you seemed to feel much better..."

Rafa: "Well, in the end it's more about me than the rival. I mean, it was me who had to make a big improvement. Yesterday's was a very tough match for me... tough, not only score wise, but in general. I had to take a step forward and I have achieved it. In the end, this was an important match for me, beyond what it meant for David and for the history of this tournament, where he's been a very important player. For me, personally, it was important to take a step forward and play with an energy & attitude different from yesterday, which I think I've been able to achieve and thus I'm going to the hotel much happier."

Alex: "We really appreciate your honesty, Rafa. Thank you very much!"

Translated by Genny SS


• Interview for ATP

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