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Главная » 2020 » October » 4 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2020 Roland Garros R4 Rafael Nadal vs. Sebastian Korda
PHOTOS/VIDEO: 2020 Roland Garros R4 Rafael Nadal vs. Sebastian Korda

2020 Roland Garros R4 Rafael Nadal bt. Sebastian Korda  6-1 6-1 6-2 

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Rafa: “With these conditions out there, with that wind, it's unpredictable what the ball can do."

“I am coming here with a clear goal. My goal is just to be every day at my 100 per cent and give me a chance to produce the best result possible. So I am in quarter-finals, very happy for that. No, I cannot say I feel less pressure now. I feel probably exactly the same."

“I'm just focused on what I am doing and trying to play better every single day, and that's it. I'm in quarter-finals without losing a set and having very positive scores. So, I can't complain at all.

"I am doing a lot of things well, I think. Sinner, it will be a tough battle. I am quite happy about the way that I am playing and the practices I am feeling every time a little bit better and better.”

“So we need to be ready and just you need to be quick enough mentally and physically to have the right answer when the ball is moving every single way, no? So just to be focused and to understand that a day like today you're going to have mistakes.”

"The beginning of the third was a little bit of trouble, but I was able to find a way to save that game, serving against the wind. After that everything went the right way. He has a lot of positive things. Of course he's young and he made mistakes. It's normal when you are young you make more mistakes in some moments that you should not be doing those mistakes... I really predict that he going to have a very good future."

“It is a real honour [to have inspired Sebastian]. All of my generation tried very hard to be passionate, to play every single day trying our best and if that is a good inspiration for the young generation that is good. I am very happy for that."

“I really believe that we are a looking at a great player. He is young. Of course, he had some mistakes in some important moments, but the way that he hit the ball was really impressive.”

Photos: Getty Images; FFT; AP; EFE; Reuters


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