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Главная » 2021 » September » 15 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: Presentation of the Documentary and Podcast of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar
PHOTOS/VIDEO: Presentation of the Documentary and Podcast of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar

15 September, in Manacor, Amazon Prime Video, Audible and Movistar+ presented the new docuseries and podcast on the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.

The four-episode series and the eight-episode podcast will explore the training methodology of future champions from the Academy and will premiere on Prime Video and Audible on 17 September. Rafa Nadal wanted to highlight the importance of this audiovisual project allowing thousands of people to learn about the work being done at the Academy, which was founded 5 years ago: “We’re very happy with the final result of the docuseries and podcast episodes. Their stars are the young players who are fighting to fulfil their dreams and the great team of professionals we have here to help them to do that. I hope everyone likes it”.

In addition, Movistar+ will premiere the content on #Vamos, the platform’s exclusive multi-sport channel, with the first episode of the docuseries available on 17 September for all of its customers. Subsequent episodes will be released every Friday from that date, all of which will then be available on demand.


Photos: Rafa Nadal Academy; Consell de Mallorca



Some quotes from Rafa's interview:

Q. How are you doing?

Rafa: Good. I could be better [smiling], but OK...the foot still hurts a little. It's been a tough period of time personally and, as a consequence, professionally, but honestly with the motivation of improving. And with the motivation of facing a process that will be somehow difficult, painful at some point, but a process I have to go thru to try to be again in a position to fight for what I want and I'm determined to do it.

Q. But this was in the script?

Rafa: Well, not really. What was in the script was to play Wimbledon, OG, USO & not being limping as of today or in crutches a few days ago...but scripts are there to be changed if needed. It's key to know how to adjust & accept things as they come. During my career I've lived wonderful, incredible things, which I never dreamed of, but I've also had to live difficult things injury-wise, though we've always found a way to keep on going ahead. It's true that as time goes by there needs to be realistic. Each time is more difficult because the clock doesn't stop. But I still have the motivation and all these problems I'm facing somehow make me appreciate all the positive things and how lucky I'm for experiencing them... and I'm gonna fight to live them again.

Translated by Genny SS


• Interview for Movistar





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