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Главная » 2016 » September » 19 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafael Nadal at the Banco Sabadell event in Zaragoza. 19 Sept. 2016.
PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafael Nadal at the Banco Sabadell event in Zaragoza. 19 Sept. 2016.

"I'm a passionate of sport & I'm happy doing what I'm doing. That's my motivation"
"Best thing of Rio? To be there among all the athletes & winning a gold medal"
 "I'm very motivated/excited to play the AUS Open and to get ready for it" [this was re: him playing Brisbane]  
"I see the crowd getting excited when the points won in long & tough rallies" 
"I'm interested in politics but I don't like the 'anything's valid'.It should be at the service of the country"
"When one request permission to consume a substance and its granted,  it´s no longer forbidden. Doping should never be demagogy"  
"Sport must be clean and transparent. I have never taken a substance to improve my performance, never will"

Translated by Genny SS


"Я страстно увлечён спортом и я счастлив делать то, что я делаю. Это моя мотивация"
"Лучшая вещь в Рио? Находиться там среди всех спортсменов и выиграть золотую медаль"
 "Я очень мотивирован играть на Открытом чемпионате Австралии и подготовиться к этому" 
"Я вижу , что болельщикам нравится, когда очки выигрываются в длинных и трудных розыгрышах"
"Я интересуюсь политикой, но мне не нравится, когда она вмешивается во все сферы. Это должно быть на службе у страны"
"Когда кто-то запрашивает разрешение на использование препарата и получает его, это уже не запрещено."
"Спорт должен быть чистым и прозрачным. Я никогда не принимал вещества, чтобы улучшить свою производительность, и никогда не буду делать этого"

Photo: EFE; Oliver Duch;


Translated by Genny SS

"Rafa thanks the people who are attending the event. He's asked if he sleeps in the planes. Rafa says yes, unless the plane "moves" too much. 
Rafa's talking about being back in the World Group and how tough these past 2 years have been.
Rafa's asked if he plans to go on competing in Davis Cup. Rafa says yes, if the captain calls him. About whether they can win DC again, Rafa says the 1st condition to win it is to be in the World Group and they are, but reminds in the team that was in India he was the youngest! :) There are other younger players that can also take part of the team, so we'll see. They're in the World Group to compete for it. 
Rafa's talking about the future of the Spanish tennis. He's named a few  youngsters like Munar or Güell, who was in India, but admits that maybe in last few years were not done to favor the surge of more new tennis players.
Rafa's asked if he knows till when he will be playing tennis. Rafa gives a answer similar to what he said in last PC at USO: when the day comes, he'll know & there is no need to get ready for it. For now he still loves the sport, loves competing, loves what he does.
Rafa's asked about the Rio experience... Rafa says till one week & a half before Rio didn't know if he would go. In fact they decided to play the very last day they could tell. He's asked if he risked too much playing in Rio. Rafa says it's very difficult to find the middle ground. He knows he's been able to win some GS risking a bit too much, but also that he's lost opportunities for risking too much. E.g., in RG-2016: he says he shouldn't have played at all. As for how playing in Rio has affected the wrist, Rafa says that possibly it meant the process has gone a little bit slower than it should, but he says the wrist is going better even if it still bothers him a little bit.
Regarding the life in the Olympic Village, Rafa says that it's true that meals can last longer because of the many pics he was asked, but at the same time it is a unique experience that other athletes want to take pictures with you. So he really enjoyed the whole thing.
Rafa's praising athletes like "Lola", what they do is amazing. He's asked if he's tried to play in a wheelchair. He hasn't. Too difficult. 
Rafa's schedule till the end of the season, if everything goes well: Beijing, Shanghai, Basel, Paris (London if qualified) 
Rafa's asked about the "mental injury of 2015", if it's over it fully. Rafa says, yes, but 2016 has also been a very difficult year because of the wrist injury, which meant being out of the tour again and having to come back and start from scratch again. He thinks he's doing pretty well, but it's nevertheless tough. He says there are still a few months to end the season and hopes to enjoy them till the end.
Rafa's asked about the start of 2017, why going to Brisbane instead of Doha. Rafa says that he's been going to Doha for many years & some time ago he had agreed w/ the AUS Open to play the week previous to the AO there and he wanted to try. It should also be good to adapt fast. 
Rafa's been asked about the TUE's that have appeared today.... his included. Rafa's asked if he feels calm about it all. Rafa says that when things are done properly, there is no need to worry. If you ask permission to take a banned substance and it's conceded, in that moment the substance is not "banned". He abides to the rules. Always. He's tired of this situations. Once again, he claims for more transparency. If the TUE's, the results of the anti-doping tests were made public immediately, there would be no need to hack & make a fuss of nothing. 
Rafa very firmly claims that he's never taken anything to enhance performance. If he has taken a "banned" substance was under a TUE 'cause the doctors thought it'd help heal his knees. Only for that. He's also explained how the application of a TUE works, but I can't type fast :( 
Rafa's asked why he still has the residence in Spain where the tax system is more severe than in other countries. Rafa says he's probably have more money, but he'd not be as happy as he is living in Mallorca, close to his family & friends. The most important thing anyway is to have health, but not talking about the knee/wrist.
He refers to the health in general & the health of the people you love. Then you also need to have time to enjoy all the things you have. 
Rafa's asked about Julio Iglesias & recalls he's a good friend of his & how much he admires him. 
Rafa's now talking about Spain and how much we Spaniards love to criticize our own country & how little he likes that. He is a positive person & prefers to see the positive side that our country has without any doubt. He's now asked if he can cook... not so much, but invites the announcer to have dinner with him cooking sometime. Once again Rafa says that in the past he was a disaster as far as following a diet is concerned, but for the last 2-3 years he has a dietician who controls him and he's trying very hard to abide to it :)
Rafa's asked if he prefers to drive or to sail. Without any doubt, he prefers to sail. He loves the sea and being in a boat is a pleasure.
The event ends with the same questions as always... Rafa's been linked to Banc Sabadell since he was born because of his aunt working in it.
The announcer's shown a new book "made" by Rafa w/all the "conversations" he's had thru Banc Sabadell. We'll have to find out how to get it."


• Meet&Greet with Rafa Nadal



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