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Главная » 2016 » May » 4 » PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafael Nadal gave an exclusive interview for French Tennis Magazine.
PHOTOS/VIDEO: Rafael Nadal gave an exclusive interview for French Tennis Magazine.

Some weeks before The French Open 2016 and his 30th birthday, in an exclusive interview for French Review Tennis Magazine, Rafael Nadal says, that he feels good enough to compete at the highest level.


•  Some quotes translated by Mathilde V. / @bluemathilde:

Rafael Nadal's interview in the new issue of french Tennis Magazine : "Nadal - Roland Garros - Licence to dream"
"On the 1st page, and in the interview : full support to Rafa in the "Bachelot affair", and for everybody else accusing without proofs.
how it starts : "His smile. It's since the first second, this warmth that radiates from this incredible sportsman that touches us"
"The man is humble, an exquise kindness.The champion,despite his achievements never got big-headed.An authentic man.A smile that never lies in the interview itself, nothing that we, Rafans, don't know wink emoticon His passion for the game has not changed. He'll stop when he won't be happy anymore his his player's life. But it's not the case yet smile emoticon
When he was younger, he was eager to go on court for matches. Now he's happy any time he's on court, for practise sessions, or for matches.
He says that in 2014,he was #1 then #2 & close from Novak before his wrist injury and appendicitis,so no reason why he couldn't do it again.
His target his not Novak though, he just focuses on his own game, and on improving. "La decima" is not his obsession either,he just hopes to be able to compete for the next years at a level that will allow him to get this 10th trophy. smile emoticon
He says that obviously he has a thing with the "9" smile emoticon (and the interview took place just before MC starts ! )
No "supercoach" in sight. He repeats that it would be unfair to put the bad results on his team's shoulders. He's the one on court, in the losses, and in the wins too ( that he wouldn't have without their help) . He says "never say never", but if it changes, it will be for a major reason.
His last match ? In Spain or in RG smile emoticon Against who ? He doesn't know. But he never really thought about it, and it's not the time yet.
His not afraid of his retirement, because there are many things that he likes besides tennis.
He's not going to be a coach in his academy yet, because he's still on tour. But he wants to spend much time with the kids on court.
He wants to have a family, kids.He'll never push them to be professional sportsmen. Even if he thinks that sport is a nice place to live in.
He knows that all kids (of his academy) won't become professional, but at least, sport will teach them values that'll help them in life.
Conclusion "let's see what gifts life still has for me " smile emoticon"


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