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Главная » 2018 » February » 28 » Rafael Nadal withdraws from Acapulco 2018
Rafael Nadal withdraws from Acapulco 2018

The first seed of the tournament and number two in the world suffered from a hip injury and it forced him to retire from the quarterfinals in Australian Open.

Nadal arrived to Acapulco with total willingness to play a good role, however, in a training session yesterday, he felt a pinch in the area of ​​the injury and the recommendation of his medical team was not to play, to avoid further complications.

Rafa explained that he still does not know the severity of the injury, “I believe that all the necessary cares had been taken, I arrived to Cozumel to work on my adaptation, but yesterday in the last training before starting the tournament, I noticed a puncture in the same area of ​​the problem I had in Australia, today in the morning I went to the resonance, I do not know what it is yet, but it is in a similar line to what happened in Australia, maybe it is a minor situation but the reality is that it is not clear yet and until it goes down a bit and the tests are done, it will not have the exact diagnose. The doctors told me that I cannot play because there is a risk of increasing the injury”.

The Mallorcan lamented the situation, “I’m sorry for me, I’m the most affected, then I feel sorry for the tournament and the fans, I appreciate your love, I know that it’s a difficult news but I had to communicate it this morning, and even though I’m not there, I know this is going to be a success”, Nadal said.

Raul Zurutuza, tournament director , regretted the event, but said that first of all is the player’s health. “I want to highlight his professionalism and enthusiasm every time he has come, he has participated enthusiastically with all the events and unfortunately he suffered an injury prior to the tournament”, he said.

Source: Abierto Mexicano

Rafa: "I'd followed all the necessary steps to get ready for the tournament. In fact, I've been practicing here since Friday & had arrived in MEX w/time to adjust. Unfortunately, yesterday in my last practice before my debut, I felt pain in same area where I had the issue in AUS.

The doctors have told me that it's impossible to play. Apart from the fact that it hurts & I won't be able to compete properly, there's a high risk to worsen the injury. Thus, I have no choice. It's a tough blow. I was ready to play & hopeful to do something important here.

I'm always keen to force and try till the last minute, but unfortunately I don't have that option. I'm sorry first for myself, as I'm the most affected, then for the tournament and for all the fans, to whom I'm very grateful for all the love.

This morning we made an MRI but I can't tell what's up 'cause we don't know the results yet. It seems to be similar to that of AUS, maybe a little less serious, but there's fluid & till it doesn't go down we won't be able to do the proper tests to diagnose what I have w/certainty

It's not the time to take drastic decisions. I'm gonna see with calm what's my next step. IW would be the goal, but as of now the only goal I have is to know how serious the injury is. If I can make it to IW, fantastic. If it's Miami, OK. Otherwise, it'll be for the clay season."

Translated by Genny SS

Photos: Getty Images; Abierto Mexicano; NOTIMEX; EFE




Rafa:"My only motivation right now is to be healthy. If I'd been healthy from start of the season, we'd be talking about a different situation. I think my level's been high since I started playing. I've felt it so when I was training & also in AUS, only place where I've competed. So, my goal's to be healthy. If I'm healthy, I see myself capable of fighting for things that motivate me. Of course winning RG is a goal, or Wimbledon or USO or MC or BCN or MAD, but my motivation's to be able to compete for those tournaments under same conditions as my rivals."  (via Genny SS


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