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Главная » 2017 » February » 25 » VIDEO: Rafael Nadal at the Banco Sabadell event in Acapulco. 25 Feb. 2017
VIDEO: Rafael Nadal at the Banco Sabadell event in Acapulco. 25 Feb. 2017

Translated by Genny SS / @genny_ss 

Rafa's explaining why he's played Acapulco this year, after not having done so since 2013.
The two previous times Rafa's played in Acapulco were great years for Rafa & he hopes this year the trend continues.
The reason why Rafa's laughing is because Rafa's been reminded of the Acapulco trophy he lost in a taxi the 1st time he on here.
Rafa's asked about the fact that Djokovic is in it. Rafa says it'll be good news if he has to face him as that will mean he's in SF or Final.
Rafa's asked if he's OK physically & he says right now he is, but can't know what can happen in near future & recalls what happened in 2016.
Getting the #1 is not a goal in itself. Talking a bout retirement, Rafa says once again he'll know when the time comes. The time's not now.
Rafa's asked his opinion about Toni stopping being his coach at the end of this season... very good & thoughtful answer from Rafa.
At the start of the interview, Rafa's been asked if they have time to go to the beach or visit the cities when they're at tournaments.
Rafa's said they don't usually have much time as he needs to train. He's now training twice/day,but it'll be just once on Mon[Tue match day]
Another thing Rafa's been asked is if his goal this season is to win RG. Rafa's answer: my goal right now is Acapulco.

Rafa: "At my age, I don't fight for the #1. If I get to be #1, fantastic. That is, I'm gonna do what I have to do & if with what I do I have the option to be #1, great & I'll be very happy w/it. But I'm not gonna do as when I was 21/22/23 when I planned my calendar trying to be #1
I'm gonna plan my calendar to try to do things as best as possible, get to the tournaments as well prepared as possible & extend my career for as long as possible. I've already been #1 & achieved much more than I could've ever dreamed. Now I still have some years ahead to try to go on achieving things that motivate me, go on having some ambitious goals, but in a way that such ambitious goals don't shorten my career."

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