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Главная » 2021 » January » 25 » VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Interview for 'ESPN Tenis' / Adelaide, 25 Jan 2021
VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Interview for 'ESPN Tenis' / Adelaide, 25 Jan 2021

Rafa on his daily routine in Adelaide: "Here in Adelaide we can be 4 hours and a half per day out of the room. For example, today my turn for practice was at noon and thus I left the room some minutes after noon & returned around 16:00. We've been practicing for 2 hours and 15-20 minutes. After that, in the room we have a treadmill and a bike, so I've been on the bike for 40 minutes. Then, I've also spent some time with my physio. We've cooked some food and had lunch. And that's it. Here we are!"

Rafa on those players who are on a strict quarantine: "First of all, my solidarity with all those fellow players who are living this [quarantine] in a much more unpleasant way. Being confined for 14 days in a room isn't a nice experience, that's true. 
I just hope things are as least unpleasant as possible and when they're out they have as many advantages as possible to decide their practice, schedules and such, as their preparation is gonna be worse than for the rest of us who have been able to train.
It's a very tough situation worldwide and, again, being confined for 14 days is unpleasant, but if you compare it with what it's happening in the world, it pales in comparison. Those of us who live in countries highly hit by the virus are seeing very sad stories every day.
People close to us who have lost their father or their mother or a brother, while being alone in a hospital without being able to tell them goodbye.
In the end, we are living what we are living and, all in all, we're fortunate to be able to be here, to compete and go on working, even if it is under conditions that are worst than any of us would like, no doubt about it.
But in the end, here we are. We're healthy and with a chance to go on with our activity, even if in a different way. I applaud all those who're having a positive attitude, an understanding attitude.
Taking into account world's situation, complaining because we're locked - in a 5 stars hotel, where we have food and people who take care of us trying their best - is just a lack of respect."

Translated by Genny SS

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