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Главная » 2019 » April » 15 » VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Media Day at Rolex Monte Carlo Masters 2019
VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Media Day at Rolex Monte Carlo Masters 2019

“In terms of tennis, I can’t complain much. Every time that I played I have been in a position to win tournaments. Life has been too good for me to be frustrated. But yes, at some point, even if I appreciate all the things that this sport has given me and this life has given to me, sometimes it’s tough to accept when you have problems in a row and this year since the beginning of the season has been tough".

“But I think almost every time I’ve had a chance to be back I’ve been able to be very competitive and I hope to keep my level.”

“It’s the start of the important clay season for me,” Nadal said. “I hope to be healthy and I hope to be ready to compete well. This tournament is important for me, and I hope to be competitive from the beginning.”

“We can’t predict the future. There is a young generation coming, and they are good. They play well on clay too. Dominic is one of the candidates for everything, especially after winning in Indian Wells. Novak always, of course. Let’s see. Roger is always a candidate, let’s see how he’s able to adapt his game again to the clay after a while without playing on clay. I don’t think it will be a big trouble for him because he has the talent.”

“I don’t dream much. I just try to go day by day,” Nadal said. “My dream is just to keep playing tennis and enjoying the competition. I don’t think about winning Novak in the US Open or winning Roger in the final of Wimbledon again. My dream now is to try to be competitive from Wednesday and try to play a good Monte-Carlo.”

“He’s (Tiger Woods) probably my favourite sportsman in the world since a long time ago. I’m a big fan of his. It has been tough years for him and I can’t be more happy about the victory of yesterday. You imagine all the processes and all the hard work that he had to do to be back on a golf course. It’s so difficult all the things that he did. Finally winning a Grand Slam again, especially in Augusta, probably his favourite one, it means everything for him. So I’m just very, very happy.”

“What happened during the last year for Tiger is an inspiration for everyone, not just for me. He’s a good example of passion for sport, discipline in terms of hard work and love for the game. That’s what he for sure feels to be back where he is. The celebration yesterday when he was walking with his family is one of the moments I will not forget.”

Source: ATP World Tour


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