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Главная » 2020 » August » 5 » Rafael Nadal's interview during the Zoom conference with media, 5 Aug 2020
Rafael Nadal's interview during the Zoom conference with media, 5 Aug 2020

Rafa talking on his withdrawal from the US Open:

"As things are now, the way we have to settle in NY & the way we have to compete, I'd say that, even if it's a difficult decision because I'm missing one of the most important tournaments in the world, and one I won last year, my heart tells me it's not the moment for it. 
So, currently I don't feel like making big trips and/or competing at this moment. I'm hopeful things will get better in the future, thus I'm going to keep on with my preparation to try to be ready to compete when I feel ready & feel like competing fully focused on it.
That is, when my mind & motivation are fully on the competition rather on many other things that can make competing more difficult."

Rafa on his plans to return to play:

"I was excited to play in Madrid, but once it's been canceled, we have to see what happens with the [tour] schedule.
So, I don't have a date and besides I think we have to wait a little bit and see how things evolve in the States, as well as how the situation with the outbreaks we're currently living is in the next few weeks & from there just take decisions.
Right now, the ideal scenario for me would be to return to competition before RG. But, again, we have to be cautious, since what we're facing is a big unknown & thus we have to be ready to assume & accept any kind of situation & then take decisions depending on how things evolve"

Rafa on the cancellation of the MMO:

"I can only agree with it, even if it hurts me to miss the chance to play at home in a place that I love, pretty much as with NY. [But] I understand the different factors.
On one hand, those related to health because of which the tough protocols that have to adopted aren't always easily assumed by the event. And then, the money factor. We have to be realistic. All the promoters of the events are making an effort for tennis to go forward, but this is like in any company: when the numbers don't go well & you lose a lot of money, you can't organize the event. Thus, we're facing a cumulative number of circumstances and we have to be understanding. I personally understand & support the decision taken by Madrid considering the situation we're living & the big uncertainty there is on how things will be in a month,when the MMO would've to be played. So,in this scenario I understand their decision & think it's brave & coherent"

On the question on whether he'd better focus on the 2021 season & take 2020 as a lost season,Rafa says:

"My heart tells me exactly that. I'm telling you the truth. Reality is that there are many other interests"

Translated by Genny SS


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Q. Would it be more reasonable to cancel the [2020] season? 

Rafa: "My heart tells me exactly that. I'm telling you the truth. My heart tells me that we should get ready to organize a 2021 season where to be prepared in case different things could happen.
The best scenario is that a treatment/vaccine had be found & everything could be back to normal. And the worst scenario is that things continue being like now & then we would have to find & set the protocols & organize a calendar adapted to the COVID-19.
That is, adjusting to which places we can or can't play, but knowing all this in advance, so that players can travel to each place & undergo the required quarantine. In summary, with some protocols that are difficult, but assumable.
The reality is that there are many other interests from the different parties [involved] that make not trying to retake the competition now not-sensible. And when I say many interests I mean interests from many players, who need to play to live, that's is, to make a living.
There are also organizations that need tennis to go ahead. So, it's only logical to try the best to move forward. I respect all this & acknowledge the great effort the ATP & other organizations are doing to bring tennis back this season.

Q. Next stop, the clay in Rome? 

Rafa: "After many months w/o training I thought that for my body it was more positive to start on a surface that is less aggressive in general & that's why I started to practice on clay.
But training on clay didn't take away from me any chance of playing in NY, as I still had enough time to adjust & get ready to play on HC.
Hmm... will I play in Rome or not? I don't know. We have to see how the calendar is redone. I hope we soon have news on the adjusted calendar after the cancellation of Madrid & from there I'll again have to take decisions."

Translated by Genny SS

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