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Главная » 2020 » August » 24 » Rafael Nadal on the cover of the GQ Spain magazine / September 2020 (+VIDEO)
Rafael Nadal on the cover of the GQ Spain magazine / September 2020 (+VIDEO)

Rafael Nadal stars on the cover of an issue that, like 20 other international editions of GQ, celebrates change as the way forward under the slogan 'Change is Good'. 

Quotes from Rafa's interview for 'GQ' (translated by Genny SS)

Rafa on lockdown: "Everything sports related goes to the background when there are so many people suffering, so many families have lost loved ones. Truth is that it's something I'm not worried about & I'm saying it w/ my heart. I don't care if the sports break's been good or bad.

During these months I've hardly thought of tennis. I think there have been much more important things & enough misfortunes to think of something that I think is secondary. When things are OK, I trust I'll once again be fully ready to return to action & keep on being competitive."

Rafa on a possible return to competition: "I can't tell yet because I'm still on the lookout for how things evolve. When the time comes, I'll take a decision & I'll do it after speaking with my family & my team. Together we'll take the decision we think is most suitable for us."

Rafa on retirement: "Everything has a beginning and everything has an end, and I am not one of those people who are afraid of the end. I think I feel respect for it, yes, but no fear. When the end comes it will be time to accept it and continue looking for motivations in life."

≈   ≈   ≈

Q. Do you think he [Federer] hasn't retired yet because he fears you could beat his GS record?

Rafa: "I don't think so. I believe Roger doesn't play either because of me or anybody. He plays tennis because he likes playing tennis, is passionate about this sport and enjoys keeping on playing tennis. So, the reason is simple: because he loves doing what he does."

Rafa on Toni: "As far as my sportive life is concerned, Toni's the most important person in my life w/o any doubt. Without Toni, I'd not even be a tennis player. It was him who decided that he wanted to step aside & focus more on the RNA or spending more time at home. I never had any issue with that, everything has always been good with him. I've always said that being his nephew comes before being his pupil. And he's my uncle long before being my coach."

Q. Family is very important for you and you got married not long ago. Do you see yourself as a father in the future? 
Rafa: "Yes, God willing, yes. Yes, I'm person who likes children and, due to my education, it'd be difficult for me to understand life without starting a family."

Q. Maybe when you retire & live with more calm?

Rafa: "I don't know. That's something that affects my partner & me [laughs]. I don't even speak about this with my father or my mother, so I won't give an answer to you [laughs]."

Q. Would you encourage your children to follow a career like yours?

Rafa: "I wish! Without any doubt, it'd be great for any of my children, if I'm lucky enough to have them, to have the career I've had. I'm saying this because things have gone very well for me for many years, thus I'd of course like this life for my children. I've been very lucky, as I've been able to live unforgettable experiences thanks to the sport & live many things that, without my tennis career, I'd not have ever been able to live or know. I guess my children will do what they want, but I'd of course like them to be involved in sports. In the end, I believe that being in the sport world, from an educational point of view, is something positive."







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