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Главная » 2020 » August » 29 » Rafael Nadal's interview for Sunreef News Magazine
Rafael Nadal's interview for Sunreef News Magazine

In this issue of the Sunreef News Magazine we meet Rafael Nadal to talk about his passion for yachting and his transition from monohull yachts to catamarans. One of the world's most iconic athletes receives us in Mallorca on board of Great White - his stunning 80 Sunreef Power motoryacht for a captivating interview.

How did the COVID-19 epidemic affect you? What do you think the world will look like after the epidemic?

- Over the last couple of months the news we heard everyday were reallt tough to accept. The epidemic has also changed my life. Drastically so, because I am not able to do my job, not able to play the ATP World Tour. I stayed home two months without going out. Just now, we start hear the situation in Mallorca is getting better. We are starting a come back to normal life.
Since we are allowed to leave home, I've come back to practice and training. I know the moment to receive a new boat is not ideal, because there is a lot of people suffering, but you cannot foresee that sort of situation. I bought the boat over a year ago. What makes me happy is that I can go out into sea with the family and friends. 
As for the future, In think we will learn a lot from pandemic situation. As for now, I really hope we find a solution to this and come back to our normal lives.   

How did you get into yachting?

- When I was the kid, my father had a small speed boat to go out every now and then. Being from an Island as I am, I find it difficult to imagine how my life would be without the possibility to go into sea. I remember a lot of great memories from my childhood: going out on a small boat, with the family and friends. Off course, later in my life I started considering the purchase of my own boat. Today, I consider my yacht as a home. It helps me relax and disconnect little. 

Where do you most like to cruise?

- Most of the time I am cruising around of Balearic Islands. My life today makes is hard to plan longer trips. There are plenty of amazing places to visit in the area and you never get tired of these. There are always beautiful spots to discover and to come back to. 

What do you expect from a yacht as an owner?

- The first thing is safety, you want to feel safe. From there, it's a personal thing. I like to have the feeling of being home. I tried to furnish the boat so as to find this feeling. Also the space is very important. I want to share good moments with my friends and family, so it's great to have a couple of nice spots that many people can enjoy at the same time. It's also vital to have your personal space on board. 

What made you transition from a monohull to a catamaran?

- My first boats were monohulls, but now I am switching to multihull. Off course, I did try catamarans before deciding to actually buy one. I've chartered monohulls and multihulls and honestly, to comfortably spend a week on board, nothing compares to a catamaran.  The space available on board is impossible to compare to a monohull. I am a catamaran  owner today, because I love 80 Sunreef Power, that's the main reason. But it's also true that I have fond memories from every catamaran cruise I've had.

What is you story with the 80 Sunreef Power?

- I've known Sunreef Yachts for a log time. My impression of how the company is prospering is a great since the beginning. Since I visited Sunreef's catamarans for the first time during the Cannes boat show I always thought the catamaran has amazing advantages, because of the amount of the space you have inside the boat. The comfort is unbelievable. When I saw the Sunreef 80 sailing I said: wow! That's huge! That's the biggest boat I can have in the small port of my town, close to my house. I feel in love with this sailing boat, but I asked the sales representatives of Sunreef if they produce also power boats, because for today I don't plenty of time for sailing, I need something a little bit faster. Sometimes I like to go somewhere by boat and come back on the same day or next morning to keep practicing. I don't have much time on the sea. So when Sunreef presented me the project of the 80 Sunreef Power I feel in love. It took me a while to decide to buy one, but today I can proudly say I've made right choice. The boat is amazing.

Are there any special features on the yacht that you have requested? 

- I just wanted a boat with the colors and style that I feel comfortable with. I wanted to feel like in my own home. That is what we tried to do with the team of designers - to create on board my second home. I have the balcony in my master cabin that folds down - it's a beautiful terrace. Off course I had some special request. I didn't want a jacuzzi on the flybridge, because I prefer open spaces. I don't need such features like jacuzzi on the board - I have water around the boat so I can swim and enjoy it. I want to have a TV on the flybridge. It's rather classic design with all the comfort that I felt I would like to spend more time on board.

How did you name your yacht and why?

- I named her Great White, but I won't tell you why. That's a private information that I will keep to myself.

What are your favorite activities once you are at sea? 

- I spend a lot of time diving. i love it. If I spend two hours diving in the clear water, I can free my mind completely. I also like to use the jet ski, I like fishing or taking the tender to discover nice new place. 

Your 3 favorite spots on the boat?

- If I had to choose favorite 3 spots, they would be flybridge, cockpit and saloon. The flybridge is an amazing space to enjoy time at sea, whether it's chatting with the crew or having friends over. You can have nice barbecue and lunch here with friends and family. There are plenty of sunpads, for those who like sunning. You have 360° views, it's one of my favorite spots, no doubt.

I like cockpit is because it's quiet and peaceful there. There's a big table to have dinner or lunch or to spend the evening watching TV. When underway, you are protected from the sun, it's really nice to relax there...

The main saloon is just huge. The boat is close to 12m wide, it creates a space that is difficult to imagine if you haven't been on board. I love to spend nights there, enjoy the feeling of watching sports on TV with the saloon door wide open. It's an amazing feeling, because it feels like being home at sea.  

Source: http://issuu.com/sunreefyachts/docs/sunreef-news-magazine-no14





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