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MELBOURNE (AFP): Rafael Nadal pronounced himself fit and ready Sunday to produce some magic to entertain tennis fans around the world as they cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Spanish great, who can move past the injured Roger Federer's 20 Grand Slam titles with victory at the Australian Open beginning February 8, kicks off his season representing Spain at the ATP Cup from Tuesday. ... Read more »

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Rafael Nadal bt. Dominic Thiem  7-5  6-4 ... Read more »

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Rafa on his daily routine in Adelaide: "Here in Adelaide we can be 4 hours and a half per day out of the room. For example, today my turn for practice was at noon and thus I left the room some minutes after noon & returned around 16:00. We've been practicing for 2 hours and 15-20 minutes. ... Read more »

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Second seed Spain, which finished runner-up in 2020, will aim to move through Group B, which includes Greece and Australia. World No. 2 Rafael Nadal leads the way for his country for the second consecutive year. ... Read more »

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The Rafa Nadal Foundation was founded by the Mallorcan tennis ace, Rafa Nadal and his mother Ana María Parera in 2008.

Their aim from the very beginning was to empower kids and help them to become the best that they can be through sports and education. 

Rafa’s wife, María Francisca Perelló joined the Foundation as a Project Manager in 2012 and she loves her job, but admits it took a while to find the right fit.

“When Rafa began to stand out as a tennis player, he received a lot of offers and proposals to participate in charity events and there came a time when he was asked to create a Foundation through which we could make a difference with our own projects,” María explains.

Their first project was in Anantapur in India, working with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and it’s something that María was extremely proud to become a part of.

“They had been working in the Anantapur area and other districts for 50 years and ... Read more »

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